Tips That Will Help You Achieve Cara Delevingne's Bold Brows

Want to know how to get Cara Delevingne's eyebrows? Don’t we all! 

Though super-skinny brows stole the show in the ‘90s and ‘00s, Delevingne brought big brows back into the spotlight when she made her modeling debut in 2009. The model and actress is an eyebrow icon, prompting women to use her picture as motivation to stop over-plucking

Best of all, it's totally possible to create her look on your own at home. You want bomb brows? Now you can achieve them in less than 30 minutes. Every single step is a life changer.

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  • You'll Need A Few Different Things


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    To go from zero to Cara Delevingne, you're going to need a small arsenal of products. Depending on the intensity of your desired look, you might not use all of them. But if you want big, bold brows, the more products you have at your disposal, the better!

    The tools:

    Brow brush (to groom brows beforehand)
    Brow stencils (in case you need help shaping your look)
    Scissors (to trim any pesky long hairs)
    Tweezers (to tweeze away the strays)

    The products:

    Brow pomade or wax (to create a brow base)
    Brow pencil (to shape)
    Brow shadow kit (to fill in gaps and add dimension)
    Brow gel (to keep everything in place)

  • You Can Skip Some Things

    It may be tempting to get up close and personal with your brows in order to give them your undivided attention, but please skip the magnifying mirror. Instead of helping you, a magnifying mirror can cause you to lose perspective on how your brows look in relation to the rest of your face. Makeup artist Joey Healy (who's worked with Vanessa Hudgens) says:

    "It's easy to lose perspective when you're shaping so close up. You'll end up overdoing it." 

  • First, Plot Your Shape

    The first step when creating a set of killer brows is plotting the perfect shape. Since your eyebrows frame your face, finding the right brow shape can make or break your entire look. Here's how to do it:

    1. Grab an eyebrow pencil and line it up with the side of your nose (where your nostrils begin). Wherever the pencil hits on your brow bone is where your eyebrow should start! Make a mark at the starting point.
    2. Tilt the pencil over the center of your pupil. Where the pencil crosses your brow is right where your arch should be. Make a mark at the arch point.
    3. Then, drop the pencil down to a 45 degree angle, out toward the corner of your eye. This will give you the ideal end point. Make a mark there.
    4. If this feels like too much for you, grab a set of brow stencils! E.l.f.'s Stencil Kit is less than $4, and it comes with four different brow shapes to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect one for you.

    Now that you have your shape in place, use your brow comb to brush up hairs in the direction of the hair growth. Trim any outliers with your scissors. Finally, tweeze any hairs that fall outside of your desired shape, but don't go overboard here. You still want your brows to look natural.

  • Create A Base For Your Brow Products With Shaping Wax


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    Makeup junkies are divided about whether it's better to set brows in place with a clear wax stick before or after applying the rest of your brow products. So you can really go either way. Iconic makeup artist Sir John uses brow wax before anything else to give brows a strong foundation. He notes

    "I use a pomade or a wax on brows first to set them, then a matte pencil to shape, and finish up with a pressed powder to fill in the brows further."

    Simply run a clear wax stick (like this one from NYX) over your freshly-groomed brows to set hairs in place and create the perfect canvas for your color.

  • Fill In Your Brow Shape With A Pencil


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    Now that your shape is flawless, reach for your brow pencil (try Revlon's ColorStay Brow Pencil). But instead of drawing thick, harsh lines to connect your start point to your arch to your end point, create small, hair-like strokes with the pencil to fill in the desired shape. It may take more time, but it will look so much more natural. 

  • Fill In Any Gaps With Brow Shadow


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    Next, tackle any gaps in your eyebrows with a natural-looking powder. Milani's Brow Fix Kit is perfect, since it includes two different colors as well as a highlighting shade. You can dab the light color underneath your arch to really make brows pop. Also, mixing brow products of different textures (like wax, pencil, and shadow) will keep your brow creation from looking too harsh.