People Who Brought Inanimate Objects as Their Prom Dates

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Ah, prom. An exciting and terrifying rite of passage for high schoolers all over the country. And along with the headache that comes with finding the right limo, the right restaurant, the right dress, and the right tux, there's that overwhelming pressure of finding a great prom date. The lucky prom-goers with a boyfriend or girlfriend don't have to worry at all. Others have their dreams come true when their crush actually says yes. But for the unluckiest kids, the options are limited. Strange as it may sound, we’re about to explore the bizarre world of people who brought inanimate objects as their prom dates.

Perhaps the people on this list thought a cardboard cutout was the closest thing to a dream prom date they could hope for. Maybe some of these people who brought inanimate objects as prom dates thought it would be a great joke. Though we may never know exactly what was going through their heads, we can at least enjoy their creativity.