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The Most Memorable Cardi B Hairstyles

August 6, 2021 100 votes 19 voters9 items

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The Cardi B hairstyles are as bold, loud, and stunning as the rapper herself. Whether sporting short hairstyles, braids, or wild colors, Cardi B is always ready to impress. Which of the Cardi B hairstyles is the best? 

Cardi B has shown off all different colors of hair, from rainbow to pink bows, and even some ombre. She rocks curls, pixies, and long extensions. But which hairstyle do you think looks best on Cardi B?

Scroll on below to check out the Cardi B braids, bob hairstyles, and even intricate designs like her Louis Vuitton pony. Then be sure to vote up the Cardi B hairstyles, braids, etc. that you can't get out of your head!