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The Most Outrageous Cardi B Nail Designs

June 4, 2021 110 votes 22 voters10 items

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From the Pepsi nails to anything star-studded or textured, Cardi B acrylic nails are next level. Cardi B's nails are so showstopping, it probably makes you wonder, who does Cardi B's nails? Of course, this list isn't about nail artist Jenny Bui - it's about the most outrageous Cardi B nails we could find on the internet. 

Some may prefer the stunning stiletto nails Cardi B loves to sport, while others may be more interested in the nail designs with photos, glitter, or chrome. Cardi B also clearly loves super long nails in any color. Which of these nail designs do you like best? 

Check out the pictures of Cardi B's nails below, and be sure to vote up your favorite crazy nail designs!