Here's Which Career Path You Should Take Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Some people have known what they wanted to do with their lives since they were a kid. Others may not be so sure, bouncing around from job to job, hoping a fulfilling career will fall into their laps. They say our destiny is written in the stars, so if you have been stuck as to which career path you are supposed to go down, perhaps you should consult the skies.

Our star charts provide us with an abundance of insights and clues on how to best live our lives, from what our weaknesses are to career paths for each zodiac sign. Astrology and careers go hand in hand, as our charts reveal our strengths and passions, both of which should be pursued in a career. These ideal jobs according to your zodiac may not be the exact field you are looking to delve into, but they are eerily on point: many figures in history chose careers that lined up with their signs precisely. If you are trying to navigate the tricky waters of job hunting, consider the direction in which the stars are pointing you. 


  • Aries: CEO, Director, Or Motivational Speaker

    Not many of us can call ourselves fans of boredom, but Aries takes their disdain for the mundane to another level. Aries are confident go-getters with tons of energy, so a menial, subservient job just won't do for this ambitious ram. Aries are natural born leaders, and their careers should reflect that.

    Aries do well as CEOs, business professionals, directors... basically anything that puts them in the driver's seat and in charge of the map. Motivational speaking would also suit an Aries well, as they love to tell others how to be as successful as they are.  

  • Taurus: Banker, Landscape Artist, Or Art Director

    As an Earth sign, Taureans are known for being grounded and seeking stability. Taurus folks do not like when things are in flux, so they need a steady 9-5 to keep them sane. As fans of material wealth and security, Taureans make excellent bankers or financial advisors. Tauruses also love working with their hands and the Earth, so a career in landscaping is ideal for an outdoorsy Taurus. Venus rules over Taurus, which means they love and take solace in beauty.

    For the Taurus who considers themselves a little more high brow, art direction can be an excellent field to explore.

  • Gemini: Journalist, Author, Or Artist

    Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Gemini is easily one of the most social and adaptable. Ruled by Mercury, this Air sign is about all things intellectual. They love having any sort of conversation, whether it be witty small talk or deep, cerebral discussions.

    Gemini's gift of the gab and general command of language makes them excellent writers, whether it be as a fiction novelist or a hard-hitting investigative journalist. Geminis minds flit about endlessly, taking in everything around them, which also makes them excellent artists.

  • Cancer: Therapist, Child Care, Or Hospitality Services

    Cancer is a Water sign, which means people born under it are often ruled by or deeply in touch with their emotions. Cancers are intuitive, caring people, and a career in any type of healing is well suited for them. The Moonchild loves to nurture and foster growth, which makes a career as a therapist or educator ideal.

    For Cancerians who consider themselves entrepreneurs, running a hotel, restaurant, or any other sort of hospitality service will play into their caregiving traits beautifully.

  • Leo: Politician, Actor, Or Salesperson

    Leos have a presence as big as their hearts. Action-oriented and driven, this Fire sign excels in any career field that has them front and center and pushing for change. Leo's outgoing and warm personality makes them an excellent politician or actor, as they have a certain charm that helps sell their ideas to others.

    For Leos who don't prefer to be right in the middle of the spotlight, a career in sales is another avenue worth pursuing. 

  • Virgo: Researcher, Interior Designer, Or Scientist

    Virgos are nothing if not meticulous. The Earth sign's attention to detail is staggering and makes them excellent candidates for careers that involve a lot of organization. While some may slump in their chairs at the thought of doing extensive research, Virgos take delight in it. A Virgo's organization-oriented mind would serve well in a career such as interior design, where every single decision counts.

    As an Earth sign, Virgos also naturally excel in sciences like biology and botany. Studying either of these - or any other Earth-based science - in-depth would be a dream job for a Virgo.