14 Times Other Characters Hosted The Carnage Symbiote (Other Than Cletus Kasady)

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"We're gonna paint the whole damn world red!" - Carnage

As a duo, the symbiote Carnage and his host Cletus Kasady create one of the deadliest villains in all of the Marvel Universe. Deranged, demented, and deadly, the duo complement each other with aggressive tendencies and vile behavior. But Kasady isn't the only being to host the Carnage symbiote. Throughout the years, the being has bonded with several other creatures, but always comes back to Kasady. Here is a look at just a few of the different hosts to bond with Carnage. Vote up the most interesting.  

  • Using his Green Goblin formula and the DNA of Carnage, Norman Osborn is able to become the Red Goblin.

    The upgrade gives Osborn superhuman powers and abilities, thus creating a much deadlier version of Spider-Man's classic foe. 

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  • Peter Parker's clone is created to be a foe for Spider-Man, but ends up both an ally and a hero. Known as the Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly takes over for Spider-Man when Parker temporarily retires from his superhero duties. 

    Reilly bonds with the symbiote after the being escapes Cletus Kasady and the Ravencroft Institute. The only way to separate is through an almost-lethal dose of radiation, which blasts the Carnage symbiote off Reilly.

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    Peter Parker (AKA Spider)

    In the "Exiles" storyline, fans visit the world of Earth-15, a multiverse where Peter Parker has merged with Carnage to become Spider, a deranged serial killer.

    A crazed sociopath who enjoys killing for sport, Spider is recruited to by the super team to help clean up the timeline. 

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    A Great White Shark (AKA The Crimson Leviathan)

    While escaping the Isla de Huesos, Carnage bonds with the vicious finned carnivore and lives in the ocean until he is able to find a more acceptable host. 

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  • The son of newspaper mogul J. Jonah Jameson, John Jameson is unknowingly infected by Carnage, who uses the former astronaut as a puppet in an attempt to finish off Spider-Man and Venom.

    While under Carnage's control, Jameson goes on a rampage, leaving the man with PTSD after the symbiote leaves him. 

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  • The Carnage symbiote bonds with Eddie Brock on Venom Island after the events of "Absolute Carnage." Feeding off his fears, the symbiote plans on using the ex-con as a tool to destroy every single person on the planet.

    A clash of lightning sent by Thor helps separate the symbiote from Brock. 

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