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Carol's Most Unstoppably Savage Moments on The Walking Dead  

Deborah Day
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Hollywood doesn't often allow a middle-aged woman to play the hero – especially during a zombie apocalypse. Usually they're whining about blisters and menopause in brutal worlds dreamed up in the horror fantasies of professional fanboys. Melissa McBride's Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead is the exception.

One of the most dynamic characters on TV, Carol transitioned from soft, grieving mom (who surely complained about blisters at some point) to a stealthy and lethal assassin of both human aggressors and hordes of undead. Season 6 episodes expose the character as a skilled actress who molds her performance to the moment and her audience. When the residents of Alexandria needed to be soothed, she became den mother, passing out cookies. When Saviors Paula, Molly, and Chelle kidnapped her and Maggie in "The Same Boat," she became pious and "pathetic."

But as the Wolves and the Saviors discovered, Carol now takes no sh*t from anyone. And fans love that about her. She left a goodbye note in the episode "Twice as Far," but is she gone for good? Who can say. (If you're looking for answers, the Carol of the comic series has a vastly different life, so you won't find any there.) For the time being, let's review some of the top badass Carol moments from The Walking Dead and be sure to upvote those you think are most deserving.
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She kills homicidal child Lizzie ("Look at the flowers").

In one of the most heart-wrenching Walking Dead scenes ever, Carol executes psychotic Lizzie, who had killed her sister Mika.
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She kills off her abusive husband Ed, who had been bitten.

Midway through Season 1, The Walking Dead gods killed off Carol's woman-beater husband, which gave her some gruesome, but therapeutic Ed-the-Walker spiking action.
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She mercy-kills Erin, who'd been stabbed by one of the Wolves.

When the Wolves rampage through Alexandria, killing everyone they see, Carol steps up to give the residents some peace, including Erin, who won't survive her wounds.
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This. (Prison cleaning, defense, and maintenance.)

Carol hardened after Season 2, due in no small part to the loss of her daughter, Sophia, who became a Walker and was put down by Rick. Carol's loss was fans' gain, though; by the time Season 3 kicked off, she'd become a Walker-killing machine and was instrumental in securing the prison as the group's new home.
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