Cartoon Characters You Wish You Had a Secret Handshake With

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Vote up the animated characters you'd happily be a sidekick to if it were possible.

Behind-the-back low-fives, fist bumps, sly finger snaps - everybody loves a sweet secret handshake! And you know there's a few cartoon characters you wish were your sidekick. Yeah, some cartoon characters are so cool that it's easy to envision yourself sliding right into a secret combination of slaps, snaps, or jazz hands with them. There's no judgment here. Everyone has a few cartoon characters you wish you were friends with.

Whether these characters are from beloved cartoons from your childhood or animated shows you got into when you were older, they all display a unique coolness that screams, "I could execute a mean secret handshake." So keep your eyes on their elbows, don't practice too hard (you want to look cool doing it), and vote up which animated characters you wish you had a secret handshake with!
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