This Professional Cartoon Network Artist Makes Comics On The Side, And They're WAY Too Weird For TV

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The internet is absolutely full of weird web comics. Some of the best work out there comes from Nathan Bulmer, the man behind the hugely funny Eat More Bikes. Born in Seattle and educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he has worked on shows such as Cartoon Network’s Regular Show as a storyboard artist and on the Netflix original series Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh.

The genius of these Nathan Bulmer comics are the utterly nerdy and unique style Bulmer infuses in them. Bulmer has an absurdist sense of humor that incites laughs out of its sheer strangeness and unexpectedness. 

So if you want to read some funny comics that appeal to the weirdo in all of us, take a look at this Cartoon Network artist's personal art. Just be aware of your surroundings while you do as you are almost certain to laugh out loud.