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Casa de Mi Padre Movie Quotes  

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The best 'Casa de Mi Padre' movie quotes include the funniest lines from this new Spanish-language comedy film starring Will Ferrell as Armando Alvarez -- a mild-mannered ranch hand in Mexico. This list includes some of the most hilarious quotes from 'Casa de Mi Padre,' written in English. Seriously funny clips and trailers are also included. See a favorite 'Casa de Mi Padre' quote? Vote it up! And, if you have a particular favorite that isn't listed, add it!

'Casa de Mi Padre,' or 'House of My Father,' is a spoof of Spanish telenovelas, and in this case, Armando Alvarez falls in love with Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez), the fiance of his younger brother, Raul (Diego Luna). Eventually, the two brothers wind up in an all-out war with Mexican drug lord Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal). 'Casa de Mi Padre' features an all-star cast that also includes Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Adrian Martinez, Efren Ramirez and Nick Offerman (as DEA Agent Parker). The movie is directed by Emmy-winning former 'Saturday Night Live' writer Matt Piedmont and written by Funny or Die's Andrew Steele.

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Armando: "I am Armando Alvarez!"

Will Ferrell is...Armando Alvarez! He works on his dad's Mexican ranch, and until his brother Raul (Diego Luna) shows up, things are nice and calm. Once Raul arrives, however, all h*ll breaks loose.
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Speak American?
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DEA Agent Parker: "Do you speak American?"
Armando: "Huh?"
DEA Agent Parker: " American?"
Armando: "No sir. I don't speak American."

DEA Agent Parker (Nick Offerman) isn't the brightest. Then again, neither is Armando -- but at least here he gives the right answer.
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Love the Land
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Armando: "My woman, Miss Lopez, must love the land as I do."

Armando Alvarez does love the land, but he also loves Miss Lopez -- his brother's fiance. Which means things are about to get really over-the-top ugly (and funny).
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Armando (to Onza): "I want the girl. I am only giving you this one chance. Release the woman and I will let you live."

Brave Armando takes on the dangerous and deadly La Onza at his casa, after Onza kidnaps Sonia. Can he rescue her without losing his life?
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