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True crime podcasts have become increasingly more popular with listeners across the globe. The case of the disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony has been a frequent topic of conversation, debate, and examination as has the trial of Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony.

In 2008, Caylee Anthony was first reported missing by her grandmother, who had recently learned that Casey Anthony had not seen her daughter for 31 days. Podcasts like Last Podcast on the Left and Morbid discuss Casey's habit of lying, whether it be about her parents, her job, or more sinister things. Others discuss the Lifetime movie of the story, Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

They all discuss the backlash to the Casey Anthony verdict. If you were wondering, "Is Casey Anthony in jail," the answer is no. Throughout the investigation, Casey allegedly lied to detectives, and, despite a litany of evidence against her, Casey was ultimately found not-guilty of first-degree murder. A number of theories exist in this case, giving true crime podcasts a lot of material to unpack.

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    The Last Podcast On The Left

    Episode: Episode 306: “Casey Anthony Part I - Ill Wishers

    Episode summary: The Last Podcast on the Left did an excellent two-part series on the murder of Caylee Anthony, and the trial of Casey Anthony. The first part focuses on Casey's deceptive nature, as well as the whopping 31 days between Caylee's disappearance and the 9-1-1 call that led to one of the most highly publicized trials of the decade. 

    Length: 116: 05

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    The Generation Why Podcast

    Episode: Episode 30: “Casey Anthony

    Episode summary: Generation Why hosts Justin and Aaron discuss the ins-and-outs of the trial of Casey Anthony in this popular podcast episode. From the media's obsessing with Casey to the details surrounding Caylee's disappearance, they share their thoughts on this true crime obsession.

    Length: 20:22

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    Episode: 225: “Casey Anthony: Web of Lies - Part 1

    Episode summary: Listeners enjoy a British perspective on the Casey Anthony trial as Redhanded hosts, Suruthi and Hannah, go deep into the details of Caylee Anthony's murder. Casey's reputation for lying and her strange behaviors give the duo ample cause for skepticism.

    Length: 99:46

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    Rotten Mango

    Episode: Episode 146: “The Pathological Liar & The Corpse (Case of Casey Anthony)

    Episode summary: Rotten Mango host Stephanie Soo examines the traits of pathological liars and how they get away with telling outrageous tall tales. She looks at the science behind “functionally delusional” people who can pass lie detector tests by believing their own lies. The case of Casey Anthony is the perfect story to examine what happens when an expert liar takes the stand and passionately defends themselves. How are jurors swayed? Does the court of public opinion believe her?

    Length: 100:51

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    True Crime Garage

    Episode: Episode 101: “Casey Anthony - Part 1

    Episode summary: Nick and the Captain throw back some bottles of White Witch IPA, by Black Diamond Brewing Company, while discussing the details of the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. The True Crime Garage hosts review the veracity of Casey's claims that she left the baby with the babysitter, and much more.

    Length: 90:48

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    Mile Higher

    Episode: “Casey Anthony: What Really Happened To Her Daughter Caylee?

    Episode summary: Josh and Kendall follow all the twists and turns in this Mile Higher episode dedicated to the case of Casey Anthony. Over two-hours is spent unpacking the disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony, and what, if any, involvement her mother, Casey Anthony, had in the crime.

    Length: 213:21

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