Things You Didn't Know About Danielle Bregoli, The 'Cash Me Ousside' Girl From 'Dr. Phil'

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Danielle Bregoli, AKA the "Cash Me Ousside Girl," took over the internet after her Dr. Phil Show appearance went viral in 2016 and 2017. Her catchphrase and confrontational attitude made her a sensation - but what's the real story behind this viral star, and what's she doing now?

Unless you're a member of Danielle's devoted legion of megafans, there's a lot you never knew about the Cash Me Ousside Girl. She's already endured many lows (including an airline ban and arrest for car theft), as well as highs (a burgeoning rap career under the moniker Bhad Bhabie). And it all happened before she turned 15 years old. Enjoy these fun facts about Danielle.

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    She Threw A Drink In Iggy Azalea's Face

    She Threw A Drink In Iggy Azalea's Face
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    Late in the evening of November 14, 2018, Bhad Bhabie did not wait for fellow rapper Iggy Azalea to cash her ousside. Instead, she threw a drink in Azalea's face inside Hollywood club Boulevard3 during Cardi B's Fashion Nova event. 

    After Bhad Bhabie - born Danielle Bregoli - tossed her clear drink at Azalea, Azalea's crew went off and threatened her. Bregoli's crew got equally mouthy, and security had to hold her back. The fight seems to have stemmed from a previous comment Azalea made on Instagram, where she asked who would even go to one of the viral star's shows. Bregoli quickly spat back that Azalea should, so she can remember what a sold-out show looks like. 

    TMZ caught up with Bregoli after the incident, and she said, "ain't nobody worried about that f*ckin' hoe!!" referring to Azalea. 

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    She Signed A Record Deal With Atlantic Records


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    Based on the success of her self-released single "These Heaux," Bhad Bhabie signed a record deal with Atlantic Records. "Without a doubt, this girl is a real star with undeniable talent," said Warner Music Group VP Aton Ben-Horin. She's part of a roster of Atlantic artists, which includes Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, and Coldplay.

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    She Was Banned From Spirit Airlines For Punching A Passenger


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    Danielle and her mother Barbara Ann were boarding a flight in Los Angeles, CA, in February 2017. While preparing for takeoff, Barbara Ann and another passenger started arguing. Barbara Ann was reportedly taking too long to store her belongings in the overhead bin. Danielle alleged the other passenger put her hands around her mother's throat, which led Danielle to take action. 

    Bhad Bhabie stepped in and "cold-clocked" the woman in the face. The airline removed the three women from the plane. Nobody involved in the incident pressed charges, but Spirit allegedly banned all three from its airline.

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    The Court Found Her Guilty Of Grand Theft And Filing Fake Police Reports


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    In June 2017, Danielle pleaded guilty to grand theft auto and filing fake police reports. The charges occurred before her first appearance on Dr. Phil. She stole her mother's car and purse, falsely reporting to the police her mother was using heroin.

    After a judge found Danielle guilty, she received five years of probation. By March 2018, her lawyers worked out a new deal, and the Palm Beach County Department of Juvenile Justice dropped the remainder of her probation - Danielle demonstrated her ability to stay out of trouble, as well as completed 100 hours of community service.

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    She Claimed She Wanted To Be A Nurse


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    Though she's pursuing a full-time rap career, Danielle could always default to her original plans. In February 2017, she appeared a second time on Dr. Phil after the show paid for her to receive counseling at a facility called Turn-About Ranch. During the appearance, she said she might become a nurse. She was less antagonistic than in her first appearance, but still told Dr. Phil, "I made you just like how Oprah made you."

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    A DJ Remixed Her Viral Clip Into A 'Billboard' Hot 100 Song

    A DJ Remixed Her Viral Clip Into A 'Billboard' Hot 100 Song
    Video: YouTube

    After Danielle's appearance went viral, the next logical step was for someone to remix it. DJ Suede the Remix God stepped up, creating "Cash Me Outside (#CashMeOutside)," a trap remix using snippets from Danielle's daytime TV appearance. Unlike most other joke songs and videos on the internet, the remixed version of the clip was a modest hit, appearing on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three weeks.

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