Unspeakable Crimes These Teens Wanted To Kill Their Friend - And Their Plan Was Something Straight Out Of The Movies  

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When it comes to teens who kill, it’s hard to comprehend why someone with their whole life ahead of them would destroy everything and murder one of their friends. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in the Cassie Jo Stoddart murder in 2006. This horrific murder case from Idaho is especially sickening because it involves teens who were inspired by the movie Scream to kill their friend – and anytime that a killer is able to blame a piece of media on their crime, it changes the way we view that content forever.

Teens who kill their friends are often dealing with very real mental issues. If they had talked to a parent or someone in their school instead of enacting a plan to murder their friend, Stoddart would likely be alive today. This repulsive story will be all too familiar for anyone who recalls the murders of Polly Klaas or Shonda Sharer, two other teenage girls who were brutally murdered. The case of two teens who were inspired by a horror movie to kill one of their friends is fascinating, but it will definitely make you rethink your connection to film and television.

The Killers Filmed Themselves Before The Murder

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Prior to viciously murdering Cassie Jo Stoddart, both Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik filmed themselves discussing the murder. Portions of the video exist online and their perverse excitement going into the endeavor is enough to make your blood run cold. One of the young men says that "there should be no law against killing people," and later he mentions he's "horny just thinking about [killing Stoddart]."

Before the murder the teens are excited, but they also seem to be calm. All of this would change once the crime went down. 


Stoddart Was House-Sitting On The Night Of Her Death

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On September 22, 2016, Stoddart was house sitting for her uncle, Frank Contreras, in his Whispering Hills home. What should have been a fun night turned deadly when two of her friends, Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik showed up to hang out with her and her boyfriend.

They all started watching a movie before Draper and Adamcik decided that they would rather watch a movie at a theater than at someone's house. Shortly after they left, the house's power went out. Little did Stoddart know that Draper and Adamcik had never left the house and were playing mind games with her. After Stoddart's boyfriend left for the evening, Draper and Adamcik returned.

The Killers Reenacted A Scene From A Slasher Movie

After Stoddart's boyfriend left for the evening, Draper and Adamcik entered the home wearing masks and turned off the power again, engulfing the home in darkness. The two killers planned to wait in the basement for Stoddart, hoping that she would play along with their slasher fantasy and walk downstairs in order to check the breaker box.

Stoddart, however, stayed in the living room so the duo made their way upstairs where they found their victim and stabbed her thirty times with a kitchen knife. The autopsy would later show that 9-12 of the stab wounds were fatal. After the murder, Draper and Adamcik ran away as quickly as possible, continuing to film themselves in a strange bid for fame. 

After The Murder, Draper And Adamcik Filmed Their Reactions

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After the murder, the tone of Draper and Adamcik changes greatly as they escape the house and go to dump their evidence. Draper says "I just killed Cassie," before saying that the "stabbed her in the throat and saw her lifeless body disappear." As they drive away Adamcik says, "I'm shaking."

There's no doubt that the two teens are genuinely affected by what they just did, but there are moments when it seems like they're acting out a scene for whoever would end up seeing the footage. According to transcripts of the tape, shortly after the murder, they went to purchase movie tickets in order to build an alibi.