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Meet The Most Dangerous Bird On Earth

Updated 5 Jun 2020 22.1k views10 items

The cassowary, frequently called the world's deadliest bird, probably deserves the moniker. As tall as an average adult human male, the cassowary is one of a only a few birds to have killed a person. Just in case being massive wasn't dangerous enough, it also has some serious talons it's not afraid to use.

However, the facts about cassowaries tell a more nuanced tale. Despite its status as the world's deadliest bird, the cassowary is endangered, with some estimates saying there are only 4,000 left in the wild. Deforestation, cars, dogs, and too much human interaction are to blame for the dwindling cassowary population. 

Though naturally solitary, like the shoebill (another downright terrifying bird), humans have fed cassowaries for so long that they're no longer afraid of humans. This has led to cassowaries entering homes - and, obviously, attacking people and domesticated animals. The facts on this fascinating animal go far beyond its killer status, though. Read on to get all the details on this bizarre bird.

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