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Fans followed the rise of Vinny Chase and friends for eight seasons of Entourage, but if they want to see the cast of Entourage now, they don't have to look far. Coming from a show that got a lot of things right (and a few things wrong) about the business of Hollywood, actors from Entourage today could be living out storylines from a hypothetical ninth season where E directs a movie and Ari's abuse is revealed in the #MeToo movement.

While it would take quite some time to list the wherabouts of all the Entourage cameos, the main cast has done plenty on their own to stay in the public eye. Take a look at the Entourage cast then and now to see just what these people have been up to since the series went off the air in 2011.

Adrian Grenier is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Entourage Cast: Where Are They Now?
Photo:  HBO/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0

After playing one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Adrian Grenier set out to better the planet. While he's stayed in the industry through acting and voiceover work, Grenier's main focus has been on philanthropic pursuits. Chief among those efforts is Lonely Whale, an incubator devoted to protecting oceans and marine life. One of the foundation's major missions is to reduce the number of straws in the ocean. For his efforts, Grenier was named a UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador in 2017.

Mirroring Vinny Chase in the Entourage movie, Grenier also moved on from acting to try his hand at directing and producing. He directed the documentary Teenage Paparazzo in 2010, and produced documentaries about clean energy, life in prison, and whales.

Age: 42

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Photo:  HBO/@mrkevinconnolly

The directing bug bit Kevin Connolly thanks to his time on Entourage. He took the reins on two later-season episodes and, after leaving the show, he directed two feature films: Dear Eleanor in 2014 and Gotti in 2018. Connolly also drew from his New York roots to direct Big Shot about the New York Islanders for ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series in 2013. He stayed busy in front of the camera with roles as a series regular on the television shows Friends with Better Lives and Pitch.


Age: 44

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Photo:  HBO/@jeremypiven

Jeremy Piven was a veteran actor long before landing the role of Ari Gold on Entourage, and he returned to what he knew as soon as the series ended. Following the show, he landed the lead role of Harry Selfridge on the series Mr Selfridge in 2013 and starred in Wisdom of the Crowd in 2017.

In late 2017, several actresses shared accusations of sexual misconduct against Piven. One actress said that he groped her while on the set of Entourage in 2009. Though he denied any wrongdoing, CBS dropped Wisdom of the Crowd from their lineup in November and accusations continued to surface. By January 2018, he was accused by a total of eight women.

Age: 50

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Photo:  HBO/@jerryferrara

Jerry Ferrara continued to work regularly following his time as Turtle on Entourage. Since the show ended, he's landed recurring roles on the television series Shooter and Power. He also played Michael Delaney in Sully in 2016. Ferrara co-founded a sandwich franchise called Fat Sal's, which has multiple locations in California and Texas.

One of Ferrera's most noticeable achievements (and one of the recurring jokes in the Entourage film) was his weight loss. Ferrara lost an impressive 60 pounds, and the good news doesn't end there: Ferrera and longtime girlfriend, Breanne Racano, married in 2017 with much of the cast of Entourage in attendance.

Age: 39

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