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How the Cast of Mad Men Aged from the First to Last Season

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Mad Men premiered on AMC on July 19, 2007. By the time the series finale aired on May 17, 2015, viewers had watched the staff of Sterling Cooper grapple with the entire decade of the '60s and the changes it brought. From fashion to relationships to the Hare Krishna movement, the characters of Mad Men went through some serious transformations.

Just like their characters, the cast of Mad Men aged and changed throughout the series as well.  Even the great Jon Hamm couldn't escape the effects - although he does a pretty good job of retaining that swoon-worthy debonair air right until the end of the series. So how did the cast of Mad Men age over the course of the series? These then-and-now photos show it all. Once you've taken a walk down Memory Lane, make sure to check out these other shows like Mad Men.

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    Paul Kinsey is the pipe-smoking, beatnik copywriter of the office who doesn't quite get included when the company transitions to the new-model Sterling Cooper. When Kinsey re-emerges in the series, he has taken up a new role is the Hare Krishna movement, complete with a shaved head and robe.

    As Michael Gladis said of his character being written out of the show, "I didn’t have any inkling that I was going to be off the show until I read the last script for season three, and even then it was sort of ambiguous." He also wasn't really informed about how his character would be returning. "Well, I knew a little bit because I’d had conversations with the producers about shaving my head," Gladis explained. "But even then, they were being really swirly about why. I was like, “Did he go to Vietnam? Does he have cancer?”

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    According to Rich Sommer, people debate whether Harry becomes a jerk, or if he was always one, just in hiding. As Sommer concludes, "I think he was always a bit of a jerk." What's undebatable is how much Harry Crane's wardrobe changes throughout the years from "total nerdy character with short sleeves and bowties" to Mr. Hollywood "cool."

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  • Throughout the seasons, Joan used her strengths and smarts to move from Head Secretary to Head of Accounts at Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Her style evolved accordingly, changing from the wiggle dresses of the early '60s to badass bosslady separates. As for Joan's cutting nature, Hendricks explained, "I talked to Matt [Weiner] about it early on. I said, 'oh, she’s so mean, she’s so mean, and he said, 'no, she’s not. She’s trying to help everyone. That’s just how she thinks she’s helping.'”

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    Trudy Campbell has undoubtedly one of the largest arcs of any of the characters on the show. In the first season, she is head-over-heels in love with her husband Pete Campbell, and by the sixth she is kicking him out of their family home. 

    "I think Trudy started out seeming very superficial and driven by money and appearances. We definitely saw real growth as she struggled with trying to conceive and start a family, which makes you realize that she has more at stake in this life, and has deeper wants and needs than it appeared," Brie has said of her character. As she changes, so does her wardrobe, embracing the fashions of the mid-to-late '60s.

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