How the Cast of Mad Men Aged from the First to Last Season

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Mad Men premiered on AMC on July 19, 2007. By the time the series finale aired on May 17, 2015, viewers had watched the staff of Sterling Cooper grapple with the entire decade of the '60s and the changes it brought. From fashion to relationships to the Hare Krishna movement, the characters of Mad Men went through some serious transformations.

Just like their characters, the cast of Mad Men aged and changed throughout the series as well.  Even the great Jon Hamm couldn't escape the effects - although he does a pretty good job of retaining that swoon-worthy debonair air right until the end of the series. So how did the cast of Mad Men age over the course of the series? These then-and-now photos show it all. Once you've taken a walk down Memory Lane, make sure to check out these other shows like Mad Men.

Photo: AMC