How the Cast of New Girl Aged from the First to Last Season
Photo: New Girl / Fox

How the Cast of New Girl Aged from the First to Last Season

From raising a glass of pink wine to going head-to-head in another game of True American, viewers have laughed along while watching the characters of New Girl for seven seasons. From the first season in 2011 to the show's end with the seventh season in 2018, the cast aged right along with the roommates of the Los Angeles loft.

How old is the cast of New Girl? Zooey Deschanel was 31 when she first portrayed Jessica Day on New Girl season one in 2011. She starred as the show's title character throughout the seven season run which ended in 2018 when Deschanel was 38. Then 33-year-old actor Jake Johnson introduced the world to Nick Miller in the pilot episode of New Girl.

Lamorne Morris joined the cast of New Girl in the second episode of the first season when he was 28 years old. Hannah Simone played Cece when she was ages 31 to 38 and Max Greenfield was 30 when he first portrayed Schmidt in the first season.

Take a look at this New Girl cast then and now list and see which cast members of New Girl have changed the most between seasons.