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What The Cast Of 'Roseanne' Looks Like Over 20 Years Later

No one would've guessed a year ago that we'd get to see the Roseanne cast today, here, now, living in our time and dealing with our problems. But, here we are, in the age of seemingly endless reboots, it was only a matter of time before the classic show saw new life. And sure enough, in 2018 the Conner family is back and just as controversial as ever. Thanks in large part to its namesake star's support for President Donald Trump, an issue she's decided to bring into the show in her classically controversial way. The show promises to tackle the issues of today through the same lens of the Conner's Midwestern, working class world, where life may be hard but family is everything. And hey, after all, it's just a sitcom, so let's put it aside and take a minute to catch up with all the Roseanne actors as they were, then and now.