How the Cast of Seinfeld Aged from the First to Last Season

From waiting in line to be served by The Soup Nazi to proving who can be the master of his domain, viewers laughed along while watching the cast of Seinfeld for nine seasons. From the first season dropping in 1989 to the ninth season premiering in 1997, the cast aged right along with the characters on everyone's favorite show about nothing.

How old is the cast of Seinfeld? Jerry Seinfeld was 35 years old when the first season of his eponymous TV show debuted in 1989. When the series concluded in 1998 after nine seasons Seinfeld was 44. Then 28-year-old actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus joined the cast of Seinfeld for the second episode of season one. She is the only main cast member not to appear in the pilot.

Michael Richards portrayed Cosmo Kramer for all nine seasons of Seinfeld during which time he was aged 40 to 49. Jason Alexander played George Costanza from the time he was 30 to 39 years old and Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza) was 71 when the series concluded in 1998.

Which Seinfeld cast member do you think aged the most from the first to last episode?

Photo: NBC/Sony Pictures