How the Cast of 'Stranger Things' Aged Since The First Season

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From fighting the Demogorgon to going head-to-head with the Mind-Flayer, the characters of Stranger Things have been busy throughout the Netflix series' run. From the series premiere in 2016 to season three in 2019, the talented cast has aged right along with the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Because the cast, both kids and adults, mostly play characters close to their real ages, the audience has gotten to watch these talented young actors grow in both height and skills.

How old is the cast of Stranger Things? Millie Bobby Brown was only 12-years-old when she first portrayed Eleven on season one of Stranger Things. As of season three, the now-15-year-old has become a fashion icon. Winona Ryder was 44-years-old when she played Joyce Byers in season one of Stranger Things.

Other Stranger Things cast ages include Natalia Dyer - who was 21 when she first played Nancy Wheeler - and Finn Wolfhard who was 13 when he first appeared in Stranger Things season one. Joe Keery may have the greatest age difference between himself and his character Steve Harrington. Although Keery is 27, his character is an 18-year-old high school graduate in season 3.

Which Stranger Things cast members do you think changed the most since the show's premiere in 2016? Check out this Stranger Things cast then and now list to see the actors grow up before your eyes.