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The Cast Of The Goonies: Where Are They Now?

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Many of us grew up with The Goonies, the movie about a ragtag bunch of kids from the Pacific Northwest who embark on an epic adventure to save their homes. Not many of us know what happened to the Goonies stars, though. Some of the bigger names went on to lucrative leading roles in films and television. Others became respected character actors. A few of them dropped out of the public eye completely. No matter where the actors from The Goonies may find themselves, one thing remains certain: they will forever be a touchstone for our own childhoods.

Amidst global lockdowns in April 2020, Frozen star Josh Gad called up the cast and had them reunite on his weekly YouTube series Reunited ApartThey reflected on the cultural impact of the film, reenacted some of the most memorable scenes, and were even joined by Cyndi Lauper, who sang The Goonies theme song. Viewers can donate to support The Center for Disaster Philanthropy

As a movie, The Goonies has it all - a group of outcast misfits to whom all outcast misfits can relate, a fantastical story that is at once thrilling, silly, and totally real, and one-liners so memorable that many fans still quote them today. There's also a Cyndi Lauper theme song that's almost impossible to forget. This movie has captured a slice of 1980s life and eternalized it forever.

Read on to find out more about The Goonies cast then and now.

  • One of the most iconic '80s movie images is Josh Brolin as Brand Walsh (Mikey's brother) in a red headband with a quintessentially '80s piece of stretchy exercise equipment. Even today, Brolin has a sense of humor about his most famous wardrobe selection. Since The Goonies, he has become a household name, starring in a variety of blockbuster films like No Country for Old Men, W., True Grit, and Inherent Vice.

    Of course, Brolin is now perhaps best known for his turn as Thanos in the Avengers films.

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    • Birthplace: Santa Monica, California, United States of America

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    Kerri Green was in three of the most memorable movies from the 1980s. In addition to her role as cheerleader Andy in The Goonies, she's a part of the love triangle in classic film Lucas. She also plays John Candy's daughter in Summer Rental. Green has had supporting roles in low-budget movies and a few different television shows in the years since, but she has largely disappeared from public life.

    She appears in the 2012 indie drama Complacent in a role that was written specifically for her.

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  • Just as it did for Astin and Brolin, The Goonies served as a springboard for Martha Plimpton's successful career. She won hearts as The Goonies' sassy Stef, who's mostly known for those amazing earrings. Plimpton has maintained an impressive body of work both on stage and on screen. She has won an Emmy and been nominated for three Tony Awards.

    Equally at home on Broadway, in big budget features, or in situational comedies, Plimpton is also a prochoice activist who sits on the board of the abortion rights nonprofit A Is For.

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  • The late and great Anne Ramsey had been a working character actress for many years when The Goonies made her especially famous. After winning the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work as criminal Mama Fratelli, Ramsey went on to play the title role in Throw Momma from the Train. For this performance, she was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe and she won another Saturn Award. Sadly, Ramsey died the following year of cancer at age 59. "I've always prayed to be recognized," she once said, reflecting on the fame she achieved amidst a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. "But I never would have guessed that it would come at a time in my life like this."

    • Age: Dec. at 59 (1929-1988)
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