The Cast Of Twilight Hated And Trashed The Movie More Than Anyone Else

Twilight is one of the most successful film franchises of all time; an impressive feat considering it's a supernatural teen romance. Every movie in the saga pulled in over 50 million dollars on opening weekend, but the series's success hasn't stopped the actors from being vocal about how much they hated the films. Seriously, the cast of Twilight hated the movies more than even the most outspoken of Internet trolls. 

While the cast's collective ire may shock fans, some negative sentiment is understandable. After all, Twilight’s fanbase felt very strongly about the characters, which caused the young actors to feel heavily scrutinized. Worse than the nitpickers, however, are the members of the fanbase who worship the cast, a motley crew ranging from teens to older women.

The fans weren't the only things making everyone miserable. Some actors also blamed the filming environment for what was in many ways an awful experience. Filming in cold, dark, rainy weather is, understandably, not the most ideal of conditions.

It's not uncommon to find members of the Twilight cast insulting the movies, and their takes on the beloved franchise range from amazing, to hilarious. to unprofessional. After you find out what the Twilight cast really thought of the films, you'll have a hard time seeing the story as "romantic."