Casting It Part 2: Actresses (Who Aren't Jessica Chastain) Who Should Play Beverly In The Sequel

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With the announcement that It: Part 2 will be released on September 6, 2019, many fans are wondering who will play grown-up Beverly in It. Sophia Lillis’s performance as young Beverly had critics swooning, so the actress cast as older Beverly in It: Part 2 has some high standards to meet. Older Beverly, while smarter and more experienced, will have her own set of challenges and horrors to face, as Stephen King characters do. Set 27 years after the original, It: Part 2 show Beverly Marsh in her element as a fashion designer in Chicago. Unfortunately, Beverly is abused by her partner, much like she was by her father. Older Beverly, like her younger self, still has some demons (and clowns) to vanquish. The actress cast as grown-up Beverly will need to capture the balance of strength and vulnerability that Lillis so perfectly emulated. 

As if following up on a 15-year-old's outstanding performance isn't enough pressure, there are some hardcore Stephen King fans to appease as well. If these fans are going to take the time to do extreme makeup to transform themselves into Pennywise, chances are they are also waiting with bated breath to see who is cast as the story's heroine. Jessica Chastain has been open about her desire to play the older Beverly Marsh, and It producer Barbara Muschietti has stated she wants Jessica Chastain for the role of adult Beverly, so it may seem like the casting is already set. Still, there are plenty of other talented actresses - red-headed and non-redheads alike - who would be prime for the role.

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