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The Most Amazing Cat Athletes Who Should Win Medals

How athletic is your cat? Have you ever trained for weeks on end to achieve an amazing athletic feat, only to glance up one day to see your cat jump just as high or run just as fast as you without a second thought? Though there are definitely some kitties out there who are more of the “Garfield” persuasion, most cats are born ninjas and there are plenty of them out there who are loath to let those skills go to waste. You’ll see what we mean below, as you check out our amazing collection of gifs featuring cat athletes who laugh at your puny attempts at a high jump.

The athletic cats you’re about to meet claim they watch the Olympics only if they need something to lull them to sleep. They advise you to prepare yourself to get a load of a collection of cat climbing gifs, gifs featuring cats jumping high, and just all-around displays of the glory that is kitty kind.

So the next time you aspire to athletic greatness, these super cats advise you get ready to take notes. They may be fluffy and they may be adorable, but the click of a laser pointer can turn these cuddly little dudes and dudettes into badass felines quicker than Clark Kent can get into Spandex.
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    Aerodynamic Kitty Beats Every Level

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    Nothing Gets Past This High-Jumping Bad Boy

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    This Parkour Pimp Takes It to a Whole Other Level

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    When Ninja Cat Scales, He Scales Like a Boss

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