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27 Cats Who Are Moderately Excited About Their Birthdays

Remember when you were a kid and were so excited that you'd count the days until your next birthday arrived every year? Yeah, these cats celebrating birthdays can't relate and loathe you for the fact that you've pushed your yearly cheeriness on them yet again. That’s right, assembled here is a collection of some of the grumpiest, most unamused, and only moderately please cat birthday pictures ever snapped.

So the next time you start to dread your own impending birthday party, get ready to find yourself in fine furry company. Though one might initially find it a bit ironic that creatures who generally adore being worshiped would so thoroughly loathe their own cat birthdays, the cats you’ll meet below assure you that they’ll be more than happy to explain the paradox. As you’ll watch them demonstrate time and time again, cats are nothing if not irrationally ambitious and so it is that each and every year they’re forced to feel the sting of disappointment when that birthday tuna truck or yearlong supply of Fancy Feast inevitably fails to arrive.

Without further ado, these angry little guys invite you to bask in the glow of their birthday angst. Because after all, a cat on his worst day is still better than a human on his best one, right?
  • "Um, I Was Told There'd Be a Cake of Some Sort?"

  • Hang in there Big Guy... Literally

  • "I've Rejected Your Gift and Would Like to Trade It for Your Bed."

    Photo: flickr / CC0
  • "Aww Isn't This Balloon Adorable? Lemme Just Stroke It with My Claw"

    Photo: flickr / CC0