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24 Cats That Are Epically Failing

If you've ever known, been owned by, or encountered a cat, chances are that you probably believe that felines are pretty much perfect. You see, kitty kind seems to have formulated a marketing plan long ago to ensure that this spotless image stays intact. From the time their tiny little eyes open, kittens are taught to exude a proud aura of perfection that could put even the most flamboyant human diva to shame. Here however, you’re about to witness the unveiling of a secret which cats have carefully guarded for centuries. The truth is that sometimes even cats fail, sometimes at epic levels. Don’t believe it? Come on it and see the evidence for yourself in the form of these funny gifs of cats failing.

These adorable cat fails with shatter misconceptions about kitteh perfection that have existed since they days in which they were worshiped in ancient Egypt. Here you’ll discover that your cat may actually be a lot more relatable than you think. You’ll see kittens struggling to master valuable kitty skills such as springing and aim. You’ll also witness full grown cats freak out over everything from lizards to laundry as the adorably furry hilarity unfolds.

So cuddle up with your own kitty and enjoy these cat fail gifs. After all, nobody’s perfect and perhaps it’s time that cats realize it’d be a boring world if we were... or at least a world with far fewer hysterical fail gifs. Without further ado, head on in and vote up your favorite kitty fails!
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    World's Quickest Karma

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    "Dinosaur! Every Man for Himself!"

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    "...I Meant to Do That"

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    "One Size Fits All My Ass!"

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