28 Cats Who Are Perfectly Impersonating a Loaf of Bread

If you've ever had the honor of sharing your home with or even interacting with a cat, the chances are you've already observed them perform a move known as the "cat loaf." Among the most classic and treasured moves of kitty kind, cat loaves involve the tucking of a cat’s legs beneath its body so as to form a cozy little posture that’s appearance is reminiscent of a loaf of bread. While cats have always claimed that bread blatantly stole its shape in a poor attempt to imitate their perfection, the truth may never fully be known about the loaf and its history.

In the meantime however, there has appeared an entire ridiculously adorable cat loaf subreddit full of cat loaf pictures that are pretty much guaranteed to elevate your mood like a freshly baked loaf of rye. Here you’ll find some of the cutest, most creative, and all around well-formed loaves of cats ever seen. 

Take a look at this hilarious collection of cat loaf photos!