Purr-Fect Cat Name Puns For Your Favorite Furry Friend

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As anyone who has ever owned a cat will tell you, traditional cat names, such as “Fluffy,” are rarely unique enough to encompass the huge personality of the average domestic feline. Though they may be guilty of over indulging in the joys of napping every now and then, cats are also expert pranksters, adventurers, and love bugs. When these little guys decide it’s time to play, get ready for the fun to begin! Here we’ve put together a collection of fur balls whose names are as hilarious as their antics. So if you’re a lover of clever word play and eye-roll worthy turns of phrase, you're in for a treat because here you’ll find a purr-fect collection of punny cat names and cat name puns!


These cat puns may even lend some inspiration for the next time you decide to adopt a feline friend. We’ve got hilarious names to cover every kitty personality, from the hairy Harry Potter fan to the furry little dictator who dreams of world - or at least neighborhood - domination. If you’re looking for a snuggle buddy to curl up and read with, consider giving your new pal a name derived from a famous literary figure. Or perhaps you’remore the musical type? We’ve got you covered with a great list of mew-sical names inspired by some of the hottest musicians around.

The next time you adopt a cat, don’t find yourself in a “hairy” situation by drawing a blank on “paw-some” names to give your new purring pal. Whether you’re looking for a name your new cat will love or just a great laugh and something that will get your cat an Instagram following, scroll down and get ready to let the punny cat names (and your eyes) roll.