The Best Cat Shaming Pictures on the Internet

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As any cat out there will assure you, and as these funny cat shaming pictures show, the life of a modern day house kitten is not an easy one. Not only do cats deal with the constant demands of vigorous daily routines packed with napping, eating, and more napping, they also live under constant pressure to fulfill the time-honored traditions of kitty kind. Luckily, a recent development known as cat shaming has made sure that the often ignored responsibilities passed down through countless generations of felines are finally getting the respect and attention they deserve.

Below you'll find a collection of kittehs celebrating the fact that their humans have finally taken notice of their daily chores and fabulous feline antics. Enjoy these hilarious cat shaming pictures that showcase kitty kind at its finest. Whether these little guys and gals are out enjoying one night stands with the neighborhood tom, or teaching their owners the art of thriftiness by guaranteeing that that security deposit is a distant memory, we can assure you these cats have an excuse for everything!

  • 1. 'I Ate Mommy's Yarn'

    'I Ate Mommy's Yarn'
    Photo: Pinterest
    2,065 votes
  • 2. 'I Put A Mouse In Mum's Mouth'

    'I Put A Mouse In Mum's Mouth'
    Photo: Pinterest
    2,228 votes
  • 3. 'I Ate A Tax Refund Check'

    'I Ate A Tax Refund Check'
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,826 votes
  • 4. 'I'm Too Stoned To Move'

    'I'm Too Stoned To Move'
    Photo: Pinterest
    2,197 votes
  • 5. 'Welcome To The Family!'

    'Welcome To The Family!'
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,724 votes
  • 6. 'I Push Objects Off Shelves'

    'I Push Objects Off Shelves'
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,972 votes