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Snapchats from Your Cat

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As anyone who has ever lived with a cat already knows, kitties don’t let their limited vocabulary get in the way of expressing their opinions. Whether it’s a silently judgmental stare or a piercing yowl, cats have developed numerous techniques for making their voices heard. In an attempt to stay on top of the newest technological advances in communication, cats have joined the wild world of Snapchat. And boy is it great (and frightening). If you've never gotten hilarious Snapchats from your cat, this list will convince you to let him finally set up a profile.

The cat Snapchats you'll see here communicate a wide range of kitty concerns and feelings. Some of the furry little felines on this list of funny cat Snapchats just wanted to show off their natural beauty, lest anyone who comes into their presence ever forget. Others however, have utilized the art of the cat Snapchat to air their grievances concerning the incredibly difficult situations they find themselves thrust into from time to time.

Get ready for a laugh as you enter the crazy world of Snapchats of cats! Whether these furry little bundles of joy are out to express their opinions or simply make you smile, we dare you to make it through their antics without a chuckle!

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    Natural Beauty Cat Channels Beyonce

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    Regina George Cat Is Ready to Hit the Mall

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    Grandpa Cat Can't Even With This New Fangled Technology

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    Epic Tease Cat

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