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Purrfect Pictures of Cat Weddings

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What better sums up a cat’s idea of a wonderful day than a huge feast where everyone is sitting around eating, preening, and taking admiring photographs of each other? Likely nothing. That's why cat weddings are perfect days for cats. Here are a bunch of adorable photos of cat marriages that are sure to last nine lifetimes. Here you’ll find everything from cute pictures of cat weddings, to cats shamelessly photobombing the wedding pictures of their human companions. As you’ll soon discover, the mystery of why dogs are more often utilized as ring bearers and other wedding ceremony participants is easily solved. Do you love cats in clothes? Specifically, do you love cats in wedding clothes? Then you will love this list.
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    So, When You Say 'Life,' Are We Just Talking One or All Nine?

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    But I Just Got Comfortable...

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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    Upfront Cat Insists on Clearing Things Up Before the Ceremony

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    Eager Groom Cat Attempts to Sneak a Peek at the Bride

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