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The Best Catelyn Stark Quotes

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With "Game of Thrones" George R.R. Martin crafted a universe full of (tons and tons and tons) of complicated and complex characters. Many of the main characters have strong, individualized voices and even out of context, almost any quote can be quickly placed to its speaker. Catelyn Starks quotes are always firm, while still warm and maternal.

Catelyn Stark, Lady of Winterfell, is the widow of Eddard Stark and daughter of Lord Hoster Tully. She is strong, kind, generous and most of all, honorable. She holds family above all else and is extremely loyal and protective of her children Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon all of whom love her dearly.

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    Jon Snow

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    "...I couldn't keep my promise. And everything that's happened since then, all this horror that's come to my family, it's all because I couldn't love a motherless child."
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    On Being a Boss

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    "On my honor as a Tully. On my honor as a Stark. Let him go, or I will CUT your wife's throat! "
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    Do You Know Who I Am?

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    "You will strike me down? Have you forgotten me, ser? I am the widow of your liege lord, Eddard Stark! I am the mother of your king!"
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    Seeing Her Children

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    "Wait for me, Little Cat, he'd say. Wait for me and I'll come back to you. And I would sit at the window every day when the sun came up, waiting. I wonder, how many times Bran or Rickon stare across the moors of Winterfell waiting for me to return? I will never see them again."
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