15 Food Industry Employees Share The Weirdest Rich People Conversations They've Overheard

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Working in the food industry is a lot of hard work, however, the tips and experience may just be worth it. Generally, the customers at a higher-end events are more on the wealthy side, which leads to some interesting conversations. If you want a little insight as to what wealthy people talk about, read these caterers' accounts of the weirdest conversations they've heard on the job!

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    If Only

    From Redditor /u/Xtinaboomgirl

    "The wife and I managed to keep our spending down to $2 million this year, it's been difficult but we're quite proud of ourselves."

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    We’ll Remember Soon

    From Redditor /u/KAHenny

    Not a caterer but was a carer for a rich couple in their 70s. Was treated like a caterer as they would host massive events at their house on a whim and expect me to cook all the food, set up the event, and serve.

    I once overheard them talking about how the bank account had a charge for £4500, but they couldn't remember what it was for. They eventually just went, oh well, I'm sure we'll remember soon enough.

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    Oh, You Don’t Understand…

    From Redditor /u/alex-manutd

    One day this Indian gentleman started coming in, at first by himself. On the first day, he spent $200 on wine and tipped $1000. The next day he did the same again. When we saw him the third time I had servers fighting over him. Anyway, one evening he got drunk on wine and Brad the busboy made the mistake of complimenting his watch. Mr. S. takes off his Tag and gives it to Brad.

    The next morning Mr. S comes back to get his car and asks if Brad is there, I say yes and go get him, Brad knows what's up and is removing the watch as he walks over to Mr. S. Mr. S says, "Brad I'm really sorry I got drunk last night and gave you my watch." Brad is chuckling as he is removing the watch and says it's no problem and he was just holding the watch until Mr. S returned.

    The next thing Mr. S. said, I could not believe: "Brad you don't understand, I'm sorry because it was very rude of me to give you a used gift." And at that moment Mr. S pulled out a box with a brand new Tag Heuer inside and handed it to Brad.

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    Placebo Effect

    From Redditor /u/aRhodiesaur

    Served a woman her glass of Chardonnay. She said it was wrong, that I brought Pinot Grigio. I brought it back to the bar, asked the bartender what he poured, he said Chardonnay.

    I handed him the glass, he looked at it did nothing, and gave it back saying “bring it back and see what she says”. I brought it back to her, she tasted it and said “much better, be more careful please”.

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    Maybe Pay Me More?

    From Redditor /u/silvergymnasium

    I worked as a caterer at a private boarding school. Bringing the staff their coffees during a finance meeting, I heard:

    "So, we've got $2 million spare in (x account). What do we want to do with that?"

    A raise for me should have been a high priority.

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    Real Art Lover

    From Redditor /u/Sputnik9999

    Not a caterer, fine arts service industry. My crew and I were in “AW”s Park Ave apartment. The guys had just placed a ($20M) Basquiat “Fisherman” painting. The subject is a black man holding up a fish. The elevator arrived and opened up into the place and AW steps out and sees the work, chortles out loud and claps her hands, then exclaims loudly in her hillbilly twang, “That’s my Walmart greeter, right there!” Followed by more of her own laughter. She loved it.

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