makeup Catherine Martinez Is Breaking Barriers With Her Sign Language Makeup Tutorials  

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The fashion and beauty industries have been making major strides in diversity over the past few years, with plus-size fashion bloggers, male makeup vloggers, and even trans beauty influencers like Nikita Dragun on the rise. But recently, makeup artist Catherine Martinez noticed a need that was not being met by the beauty community. To compensate, she began making cosmetic tutorials for the deaf.

Martinez's ASL (American Sign Language) makeup tutorials have gone viral and, more than that, they've highlighted a need for more inclusive makeup artists. The industry is taking note and major beauty brands are now aligning with Martinez to create content for those that are heard of hearing. One person can revolutionize an entire industry. 

Read on for more about Martinez, her deaf-inclusive videos, and how the industry is taking note.

This MUA Took The World By Storm


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Catherine Martinez is a beauty influencer with nearly 40k followers on Instagram and a thriving YouTube channel. While studying communications at NYU, Martinez took classes on sign language as part of her degree program. Even though she's not deaf herself, she spent a lot of time interacting with deaf classmates who frequently complimented her makeup skills. Eventually, Martinez realized that this community was not being serviced by the beauty industry. 

Her ASL Makeup Tutorials Went Viral

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Martinez explains, "It just struck me one day when a few peers in my class asked me to translate what a blogger they were watching was saying since the tutorial was auditory and had no other mode of communication. I recently started my channel to change that." Her Instagram and YouTube videos, which incorporate ASL, are racking up the positive comments from members of the deaf community who finally feel acknowledged.

She Feels Called To Champion Inclusivity


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With the overwhelmingly positive response to her ASL makeup tutorials, Catherine Martinez feels called to champion deaf culture in bigger ways. ‚ÄúThis is just the beginning of my journey and I hope to create campaigns with brands to bring more awareness on modes of communication that involve deaf culture," she says. 

Brands Are Taking Notice


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It wasn't just the deaf community that was touched by Martinez's work: major beauty brands were impressed as well. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Elf Cosmetics, and Luxie Beauty have all since collaborated with the beauty blogger to create inclusive ASL tutorials.