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The Mysterious Catman Of Greenock Has Been Creeping People Out For Decades

Every town seems to have their own local lore, but the Catman of Greenock is a particularly strange mythos. The sleepy town on the Scottish coast near Glasgow supposedly has a rat-eating Catman that stalks its alleyways. He's known as the Greenock Catman and has been a mystery in the town for decades. Nobody seems to know his real name, where he is from, or has ever heard him speak. There are several theories about him, ranging from him being a lost sailor to a man suffering from mental illness. Locals have reported seeing him several times and everyone seems to have heard of him or has a story about the Catman.

Interestingly, for all of the notoriety that the Catman had gained over the years in Greenock, his existence wasn't confirmed until 2007. That's when a cellphone video emerged of a man crawling near a dumpster eating a dead rat. Interest in the case spiked and people offered all types of theories about his origin. There was even a documentary that attempted to tell his story but after trying to find the elusive man, the filmmakers had to give up having failed to uncover the true tale of his life. Read on for bizarre tales about the elusive Catman.

  • The Catman Lives In An Interesting Habitat

    As his name indicates, the Catman of Greenock lives as if he were a stray cat. He's often spotted in alleys at night where he apparently lives his human-feline life. According to legend, he even goes underground where he hides in passageways below the city. 

  • Legend Has It That The Catman Was A Stranded Sailor

    Stranded sailors often have to resort to desperate measures to survive. Cannibalism and murder are sometimes the last resort for sailors. The Catman of Greenock didn't quite get that desperate, but he might be a lost seaman according to one story about him. It goes like this: he is a Russian sailor who found himself stuck in Scotland in the 1970s. With no resources or way to contact anyone back in Russia, he resorted to living as a cat under the streets of Greenock. 

  • People Seem To Be Pretty Creeped Out By Him

    One eyewitness on Reddit reported seeing him. According to user thedevilini:

    Weird to see a post about my home town in my favourite subreddit.

    I've personally seen this guy a couple of times, he's a f*cking creep and will eat or drink anything you give him, luckily when me and my mate seen him we weren't d*ckheads and bought him some hot food.

    He can move faster than you would imagine, he may look scary as f*ck but he's actually harmless.

    The real creepy thing about him is I seen him when I was about 15-16 years old, I'm 27 now. I know people who claim to have seen him 20-30 years ago. He disappeared a few years ago and everyone thought he was dead until these kids took a few pictures with him.

  • Another Theory About The Catman Is That He's An Escaped Mental Patient

    There's a good chance that a man living as a cat and eating rats to stay alive is suffering from mental illness. One urban legend about the Catman of Greenock is that he escaped from a mental health facility near the town. The Catman has never been heard speaking though he is not dangerous or threatening to people when they approach him.