24 Cats Who've Had It With The Christmas Tree

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Are you a cat who has had it with your human's annual habit of bringing a tree into the house, decking it out in shiny objects, then forbidding you to play with it? Has your patience run out for sitting by while the tree smugly shines its lights throughout the holidays, knowing you’ve been forbidden to bat those giant sparkly toys off its branches? What is a Christmas tree if not a giant cat toy? Well, this year, we say, “No more!” Here you’ll find a collection of cats destroying holiday decorations that’ll arm you with all the tips and tricks you need to take your home back from the pine-needled atrocity that’s moved in on your space.

Below we’ve gathered a classic collection of pictures and videos that capture the essence of the epic battle of cats vs Christmas trees. Here you’ll witness cats and Christmas decorations battling it out once and for all, as you gain valuable skills for you own mission of Christmas tree destruction. We’ll cover topics such as leaping tactics, stealth attacks, and even provide a variety of safety measures concerning what to do, should you ever find yourself caught in the act.

So whether you’re a brand-new kitten battling the horrors of your first Christmas or a seasoned tree destroyer, get your tree-climbing claws ready. Here you’ll find an epic celebration of the art of Christmas tree destruction - among the most sacred duties of kitty kind.