32 GIFs That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks

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You might think they're all cuteness and cuddles, but these GIFs of cats being jerks say otherwise. But at least they're adorable, fuzzy, little jerks which of course is why we love them and sometimes even admire their ability to go from zero to grade A dicks. When it comes to things like napping, attempting to fit into impossibly small spaces, and silent, judgmental stares, the nearest cat can always be counted on to perform these actions with astounding accuracy each and every time. Havinig spent decades honing the delicate art of being assholes however, is counted as perhaps one of the most prized achievements of kitty kind.   

The funny cat gifs you’ll see below feature cats doing all the jerk-y things that kitties do best. Got a neatly stacked pile or fragile item? We’ve got cats who will knock them down immediately. Want to snuggle with your feline friend? We've got cats who will bat your loving advances away with their adorably padded jelly bean paws.

Vote up the best instances of cats being total jerks, and be sure to let us know which ones are your favorite in the comment section.


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    This House of Cards Cat Has Been Waiting for This Moment for Hours

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    This Cat Had His Getaway Boat Ready and Wating

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    This Kitty Has Perfected His Pop-Out Halloween Scare

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    This Kitty Doesn't Care That You're Typing Up Your MFA Thesis

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    This Kitty Doesn't Care if That Was Your Last Roll of TP

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    This Kitty Totally Started It

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