20 Cats Learning to Love the Snow

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Some cats love to be outside. Other cats would prefer if you would please leave them alone so they can sleep on your keyboard in peace. Still others spend their days wreaking havoc, chewing and scratching everything you own and knocking stuff over. Good job, cats! But what happens when cats who live in cold climates go through their first winter, and are let/forced outside to experience their first snow? Some get real mad, but others have a blast! These cats' first snow pictures are hilarious and remind cat owners everywhere that a great way to get back at your cat for their tiny terror ways is to let them see how snow feels on their lil' paws.

Not that punishing cats is a good thing. But when you can get hilarious pictures like these Reddit users did? Well, then it's worth it. Cats are related to snow leopards, right? So probably they are fine out there for a few minutes. Really you're doing them a favor - exposing them to more of the world than just their cat tower.

These funny cat pictures show kittens and felines having fun (or hating everything) out in a winter wonderland for the first time ever. Whether they're scared, freezing, or excited to rule this newly white kingdom, these cats all had hilarious reactions to seeing snow for the first time.

  • 1. What A Great New Cat Bed

    What A Great New Cat Bed
    Photo: u/MinecraftSteven / Reddit
  • 2. JK, I Hate This, Please Let Me In

    JK, I Hate This, Please Let Me In
    Photo: u/EYCI / Reddit
  • 3. My Human Is Going To Regret This

    My Human Is Going To Regret This
    Photo: u/Maggie_cat / Reddit

    Photo: u/Kijamon / Reddit