27 Cats Who Are in the Fridge and Don't Even Care

As everyone who lives with a cat knows, everything within 10 feet of any and all members of kitty kind automatically becomes said feline's property by default. Luckily for humanity however, some years ago mankind came up with the brilliant idea of the refrigerator, not only to keep food fresh, but to serve the double purpose of hiding enough food from our low-riding counterparts to be able to keep ourselves alive throughout the years. Unfortunately, it appears one among us has leaked the secret to these fridge cats who have informed their humans that they’re here to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

The jig, these cats in the fridge claim, is up and these frisky felines are here to see exactly what it is we’ve been hiding in this wonderland of an icebox for all these years. Though they’ve yet to decide for sure what exactly they plan to do with their new discovery, these cats in the refrigerator have a few ideas that they’re still testing out. Until they decide, they’ve generously invited you to gaze upon their craftiness and see them really put the "bed" in "bed of lettuce."

  • "Your Leftovers? Nope. Haven't Seen Them."

    "Your Leftovers? Nope. Haven't Seen Them."
    Photo: Esther Otero / via Pinterest
  • Consumer Kitty Claims He's Still Browsing

    Consumer Kitty Claims He's Still Browsing
    Photo: via Fishki
  • Vet Appointment Kitty Does Not Plan to Show

  • "OMG Knock First!"