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The Pretend Cats In 'Cats,' Ranked By Whether You'd Adopt Them If They Were Real Cats

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Let’s pretend for a moment that the fictional felines dancing through the famous Broadway show Cats are real cats. Who would you want to adopt?

The cats of the wildly popular musical may seem otherworldly, but let’s imagine they are kitties like the one you grew up with, or the fuzzball currently napping atop your dirty laundry. Each of these Cats musical characters has its own distinct story, look, and personality. So who's it going to be?

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    Appearance: White, graceful

    Personality: A bit shy. A young adult just past kittenhood, she is quite adaptable. She should easily accept moves, new animals, or other changes in the home.

    What Kind Of Pet She Will Be: Victoria will never get in your way. Though it may take a while for her to warm up to her owner, once she trusts you, you will have an adoring, lifelong companion.

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    Mr. Mistoffelees

    Appearance: Shiny tuxedo cat

    Personality: Friendly, sociable, playful. Loves to entertain humans and kitties alike.

    What Kind Of Pet He Will Be: Mr. Mistoffelees will keep you on your toes in the best way possible. He would prefer the presence of at least one other cat. He takes very good care of his coat and will require fairly little maintenance.

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    Appearance: Mature ginger cat

    Personality: Skimbleshanks is very happy and social. He has plenty of energy, he's quite smart, and he's very healthy. 

    What Kind Of Pet He Will Be: He's great with other kitties, as well as humans. He grooms regularly so he always looks neat and tidy, and is happy to groom others.

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    Appearance: Small adult calico

    Personality: Jellylorum is always on the move. She is exceptionally sweet, patient, and caring.

    What Kind Of Pet She Will Be: Wonderful companion to people of all ages. She may initially balk at change, but quickly comes to accept new cats, humans, and surroundings. She would be an excellent caretaker for orphaned kittens or a senior cat.

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