20 Hilarious GIFs of Cats Pretending to Be People  

Jo Swo
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If you don't like people but you do like cats, this just might be the perfect list for you. Whether they're plotting to take over the world or simply mocking us, we may never know, but one thing we do know is that cats acting like people will never stop being funny. These are the funniest GIFs of cats acting like people.

These hilarious GIFs of cats pretending to be humans or acting like a person will surely make you laugh. Some cats spend their days considering whether or not to byy a boat, while others dive into a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie. Cats, they're just like us!

Vote up the best, funniest GIFs of cats sitting like people below. You'll want to hang out with these cool cats all day.
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No, Wait, Officer I'm Here! Officer? OFFICER! HELLO?!

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Listen Buddy, It's Casual Friday and If I Feel Like Wearing a Sombero to Work, That's What Im Going to Do

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My Sister Told Me I Was the Postman's Son! DADDY?

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Workout Buddy

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