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Nerdy cats in glasses? That's right! These days it seems like just about everything in the world comes in a variety of shapes and sizes - even nerds! Gone are the days when glassing-wearing genius kids were all shoved neatly into one compact stereotype to await the day they’d get their revenge via adding the letters CEO or Ph.D. to their names. This day and age the proud title of “nerd” is routinely bestowed upon everyone from overzealous D&D gamers to lovers of everything Star Wars to nerd chic dreamboat celebrities. Not only have we noted such trends, we’ve decided to celebrate them via this collection of adorable cats wearing glasses.

Here you’ll find felines of a variety of adorably nerdy temperaments, each celebrating their geekiness in a way that only a cat with glasses can. Love brilliantly nerdy guys and their dark-rimmed specs? Then multiple private chat rooms chatter cat may be the man for you. Or perhaps your motto is? something along the lines of “better safe than sorry” when it comes to…well, just about anything? Then maybe chess cat and his adorable sport-safe cat eye glasses are more up your alley. Whether you’re into the Comic-Con hunk or can relate better to the cubicle lurking IT guy, these little guys are sure to give you a smile.

So it's time to let loose your inner nerd with these shameless math-loving, pocket-protector wearing kitties. Whether you’re into a guy with a nice set of spectacle rims or are one yourself, you’ve come to the right place to celebrate all things nerdy.
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Most of Chemistry Joke Cat's Students Find It Best to Just Nod and Smile

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Florida Cat Boasts Coolest Hats in the Retirement Home

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Literary Cat Finds Your Use of Pop Slang Disturbing

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Obscure Cultural Reference Cat Constantly Makes Obscure References

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