Graveyard Shift This Woman Paints Realistic Bugs And Reptiles Crawling Out Of Her Mouth And It's Disgustingly Pretty  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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There are two kinds of makeup artists, those who use products to enhance their natural beauty, and those who use it to create out-of-this world art. When it comes to Instagram MUA Ana, whose handle is @cedoviste, her insect-inspired makeup will give you nightmares. 

Ana makes her face scary with realistic makeup recreations of some of her favorite creepy crawlies, which include snakes, spiders, bees, newts, and more. Her insect and reptile inspired makeup isn’t only masterful, it’s also mesmerizing—she even knows how to make it look like the bugs are moving. It's pretty cool, but be warned: you might get totally creeped out!


This Isn't Real, But It's Still Scary AF


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A Different Kind Of "Blinding" Highlight


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"New Age Medusa" Made With Makeup


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The Makeup Artist Clearly Has An Affinity For Snakes


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