The Best Celebrity Star Wars Cameos, Ranked

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There are more celebrity cameos in Star Wars than there are droids in Attack of the Clones. Okay, maybe not that many, but the sheer number of celebrities who appeared in Star Wars films could form a small but surprisingly famous Rebel Alliance. Since the original Star Wars never intended to become a phenomenon, the first trilogy features few, if any, Star Wars celebrity cameos. However, when the series made its return in 1999 with The Phantom Menace (which you can stream on Disney+), it had enough clout to feature a few more cameo appearances. George Lucas appears to be a rather generous fellow, letting not just actors make appearances in Star Wars, but also his film crew, their family members, and even Lucas's own son and daughters. By the time The Last Jedi arrived in December 2017, celebrity cameos in Star Wars reached royal levels of celebrity. Not hyperbolic royalty, actual royalty - two princes appear in the film.

The best celebrity cameos in Star Wars lie below, each more surprising than the last. Academy Award winners, comedians, and even directors pop up in all manner of setting and species, some looking so alien you fail to recognize them. But finding celebrities in Star Wars is simply another Easter egg of the Star Wars franchise. Impressive, it is.

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