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Relatives Of Celebrities Describe How They Reacted To Their Fame

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Celebrities aren’t just born out of the ether and sent into the public eye. They come from families filled with siblings, cousins, second cousins, fourth cousins twice removed, nieces, nephews, step-siblings, and half-siblings. And those relatives have access to the Internet and Reddit, where they are more than ready to share their take on being close to stars.

What's it like to be related to a celebrity? In some ways, it's just like being related to anyone else: you see each other at holidays and on family trips. But there are some bonuses, too. It helps to have a famous face in the mix if you want to cut the line at Disneyland.

How celeb relatives react to their fame ranges from chilled out indifference to glee at being the beneficiary of perks typically reserved for the rich and famous. These stories from relatives of celebrities are always entertaining. After all, celebrities on Reddit are common, but how often do you get to hear from those lucky enough to share DNA with today’s stars?

  • Photo: kwc / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    From KnuckleCurve01:

    "My aunt is Xena the Warrior princess and absolutely nothing at family gatherings. She is just our aunt. We got stopped a couple times in New Orleans by people who recognized her. Back in NZ when her show was going on some little girls would come up and want to take pics.

    She's the one of the nicest people to talk to and never acts like a celebrity. I have gotten to do some very cool stuff in my life which Ill never take for granted because of her kindness!"

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    From TKizzll:

    "Cousins with Zac Efron here. Most of my family is just stoked about [his fame] for the most part. I know that his grandparents recently visited him in LA and he was so busy he could only spend an hour or so with them.

    No one believed he was my cousin until I showed them my dad's high school senior photo where he looks identical to Zac."

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    From spacemanspiff30:

    "My wife is childhood friends with family of Viggo Mortensen. She got to hang out with him after he shot Lord of the Rings but before it was released. Said he was a very cool guy, extremely laid back, and fun to have a beer with. Her friend spent her childhood hanging out with him on summer vacations and has yet to have a bad thing to say about him."

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    From psylnced:

    "My grandfather was Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts (Charlie Brown). I don't really know how it affected my family gatherings because my family hasn't been together for a long time for other reasons. But I do know that for a few members of the family the comics are really important to them and they really pride themselves in their involvement with them."

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