25 Of Our Favorite Tweets From Celebrities This Week

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Vote up the greatest celebrity tweets of the week.

From wholesome tweets to hilarious tweets, these were our standout moments over on celebrity Twitter this past week. Vote on your favorites of the bunch below.

  • 1. Danny Trejo Had A Wholesome National Pet Day


    46 votes
  • 2. Hugh Jackman Celebrates His 26th Wedding Anniversary With Wife, Deb


    36 votes
  • 3. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Has Always Been An "Old Soul"


    24 votes
  • 4. Stephen King's Dog Is A Fellow Fan Of 'Children Of The Corn'


    23 votes
  • 5. Lin-Manuel Miranda Shows Off His Son's Dragon Tail


    21 votes
  • 6. Mark Hamill Shares Some Wholesome 'Star Wars' Tomfoolery


    13 votes