Awesome Photos Of Celebrities With Their Stunt Doubles  

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Whether or not you're a fan of action movies, you’ve got to admit that there’s something awesome about a great stunt. The irony of good stunt doubles is that they often make it easy to forget that the stunt you’re watching is not really being performed by the actor. That’s why we decided to give you a peek behind the scenes by compiling this list of celebrities and their stunt doubles on set.

In these photos of stars alongside their doubles, you’ll see the stunt performers who step in when things get a little too dangerous for your favorite famous actors and actresses. When it comes to some of these celebrity stunt doubles, you might do a double take due to their uncanny resemblance to the actors. Conversely, you’ll also see how different some of these celebrity stunt doubles are from their alter egos when you look closely.

So if you've ever wondered who does the stunts for Brad Pitt, Megan Fox, and more, you've come to the right place. We’ll give you a glimpse of the death-defying guys and gals you’ve probably seen in tons of movies but never recognized once. So let’s take a look at the stuntmen and women behind the explosions.

Vote up your favorite photos of stars with their stunt doubles and remember that safety always comes first.

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Carrie Fisher is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list Awesome Photos Of Celebrities With Their Stunt Doubles
Photo:  Return of the Jedi/Lucasfilm/Amazon/Fair Use

Carrie Frances Fisher (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016) was an American actress, novelist, screenwriter, and performance artist. She was best known for her portrayal of Princess Leia. She was also known for her bestselling novel Postcards from the Edge and screenplay for the film of the same name, as well as her autobiographical one-woman play and the nonfiction book Wishful Drinking on which it was based. ...more on Wikipedia

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Christian Slater is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Awesome Photos Of Celebrities With Their Stunt Doubles
Photo: Erin McCandless/Getty Images

Christian Michael Leonard Slater is an American actor. He made his film debut with a small role in The Postman Always Rings Twice before playing a leading role in the 1985 film The Legend of Billie Jean. He played a monk's apprentice alongside Sean Connery in The Name of the Rose before gaining wider recognition for his breakthrough role in the cult film Heathers. In the 1990s, Slater starred in many big budget films like Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, Broken Arrow, and Hard Rain. He was also featured in the cult film True Romance. ...more on Wikipedia

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Andrew Garfield is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Awesome Photos Of Celebrities With Their Stunt Doubles
Photo: Iwilliamspencer/Instagram/Fair Use

Andrew Russell Garfield is an American-born English actor. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Epsom, Surrey, Garfield began his career on the UK stage and in television productions. He made his feature film debut in the 2007 ensemble drama Lions for Lambs. ...more on Wikipedia

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Emma Watson is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Awesome Photos Of Celebrities With Their Stunt Doubles
Photo:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows/Warner Bros./Amazon/Fair Use

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is an English actress, model, and activist. Watson rose to prominence as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, appearing in all eight Harry Potter films from 2001 to 2011, previously having acted only in school plays. The franchise earned Watson worldwide fame, critical accolades, and more than £10 million. She continued to work outside of the Harry Potter films, first lending her voice to The Tale of Despereaux and appearing in the television adaptation of the novel Ballet Shoes. Since then, she has taken on starring roles in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring, made a brief appearance as an "exaggerated" version of herself in This Is ...more on Wikipedia

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