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What Ripped Celebrities Looked Like Before They Got Swole AF

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Hollywood is full of men and women with god-like physiques, bodies so toned that they make the rest of us look like pathetic sacks of jelly. But ripped movie stars weren't always that way. Everyone has to start somewhere, and even our most famous superheroes and hunky actors had to pump some iron to get where they are today.

It's fun to compare and contrast pictures of celebrities before and after getting buff, especially when these physical movie star transformations are as dramatic as the films in which some of them star. It's not easy for anyone to get in shape, even when you have an army of personal trainers and dietitians aiding you along the way. Some of these celebs were unusually scrawny while others were carrying a few extra pounds, but these photos of ripped celebrities before they got swole prove that hard work and healthy habits can transform a person from zero to hero.