14 Celebrities Caught Being Jerks in Fast Food Drive Thrus

Fast food drive thrus are the great equalizers among men. Whether hungry consumers are rich, poor, pop stars, or professional wrestlers, they can all act like complete jerks while trying to get a late night meal. Celebrities being rude in drive thrus is a regular occurrence at fast food restaurants across the world. Sometimes they’re trying to make a point, but most of the time they’re just so blinded by their own star status that they can’t help but be completely out of line. If you’ve ever worked in the food industry you know how frustrating it can be to deal with impolite customers in general – but imagine how much more annoying would be if the impolite customers were also famous.

So why does this type of behavior really get on customers' and staffers' nerves? The best thing about going through the drive thru is the convenience. When everything is running smoothly, you can get whatever you want in less than five minutes. But when someone acts like an idiot in the drive thru – especially if it’s a celebrity – it can throw off the system and destroy the perfectly planned timing of the restaurant. Unfortunately, celebrities being mean at drive thrus isn’t a rare occurrence. Maybe it’s because these famous people are used to the red carpet treatment, or perhaps they were just having a bad day. To see all the famous people being jerks at the drive thru keep on reading.